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About Us

Opex and pleasure takes shape.

An Opex creation tells a story.

The Opex style, recognizable among all, is the expression of femininity. Each collection draws on current or future trends to sparkle the intensity of a constantly reinvented modernity. It is a fashion accessory exclusively for women.

Keeping pace with the seasons and fashion, Studio Design OPEX in Paris produces two collections a year, born from the imagination and creativity of its two designers.

Pure lines, selection of leathers and materials, each Opex watch is the object of special care and a commitment to quality: stainless steel case, waterproof, choice of leather for single or double-wrap bracelets, quality metal bracelets.

Each Opex watch is defined by a name (Carolyn, Ballerine, Amy), and a specific logo of this name is engraved on the back of the case.

Each watch is unique, unexpected, surprising, an object of exception, emotion and passion.

Choosing and owning an Opex watch responds to a personal, intimate choice that characterizes and defines you.